Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"My Favorite Sheet Masks" Review

There is so much out there in the land of K-Beauty, I hardly know where to begin!  So I'm going to go back to sheet masks for a brief moment and tell you about my favorites.

Neogen Code 9 Oxygen Bubble Peeling Mask

In my last post, we discovered that the Neogen brand is about the serious business of skincare.  This product is no exception.  In fact, it is also the rule!  Say hello to their Oxygen Bubble Peeling Mask.

Unlike a good majority of the sheetmasks out there, this is a cleansing mask.  The purpose of the cleansing mask is to remove dirt, oil and leftover makeup from the epidermis, much like a foam cleanser.  The difference is, obviously, it's in mask form which stays on the skin for an extended period of time, lending to a more effective cleaning.

The Claim

"This Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling Mask has an impressive skin clearing formula containing AHA and BHA that will suck out the dirt, clean the pores, and remove dead skin cells to leave the skin clear, smooth and glowing. Save yourself the manual exfoliation and deep cleansing headache as you sit back and watch the bubbles do your work towards healthier and clearer looking skin!*"

How it Works

Hang onto yourselves.....this is one fun mask!  After cleansing, place the mask onto your face and smooth out, making sure there's no bunching.  Immediately you should feel a slight tingle on your skin as bubbles begin to form on the mask.  BUBBLES!!  Leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes then remove.  *Rinse skin thoroughly.

My Thoughts...

Neogen is already one of my favorite brands.  This mask is the reason why!  The clean that I receive with this mask is unparalleled.  If my skin is feeling scuzzy for whatever reason, I reach for this mask.  When the mask hits air, oxygenation occurs causing the ingredients to bubble, which exfoliates the epidermis (that's my theory).  By the way, the reaction sensation is incredibly mild. Not stingy, but breezy. At the end of 10 minutes, a layer of bubbles lays gracefully atop the black mask.  When you remove the mask, there's another layer of bubbles beneath.  It's a truly deep clean that you can't get from any other sheet mask. Awesomesauce!

Llang Self Clinic 3-Step Kit

When you're talking about travel, a 10-step beauty regimen can easily become a logistical nightmare!  So many products to carry with.  And in today's travel climate, with all of the liquid restrictions, it's enough to make a grown woman cry!  That's why these 3-Step sheet mask kits are a must for any K-Beauty arsenal!
Llang's kits are skin concern specific - pore control, moisturizing or brightening.  The only other product required of you is your favorite cleanser to start the process.  Llang will take it from there.  Each kit comes with a toner, ampoule and a sheet mask.  Everything a girl needs for a nice
relaxing evening in.

Swab down those stubborn pores!  I like the idea of the swab.  It keeps the germs and oils from your fingers away from your freshly cleansed face.  Afterward, your pores are nice and tight.

Ooh!  The rich ampoule goodness!  Don't let the color scare you. It goes on clear and is lightweight.  The ampoule adds back the perfect amount of moisture and maintains pore control.

Finish off with the black charcoal sheet mask.  Llang sheet masks are always drenched in essence, so grab a resealable sandwich bag and store the packaging from the mask.  The essence can last you days!  Simply pour a little onto your fingertips and tap onto face like you'd do with a bottled essence.
I'm ready for my closeup!

Timeless Truth Shark Delicate Hydrating Squalane Mask**

Is this packaging not adorable...and a little bit intimidating?  This is my fave from gumiidotshop! Just look at it - with a shark on the front you know it has to be effective, right?

The Claim

Though it's called a "shark mask", this mask contains plant-based squalane which provides your skin with delicate hydration and glowing finish. Together with HEDI Shea butter, this mask boosts cell regeneration, revitalizes skin and delivers nutrition deep into the dermis. 

What is Squalane?

Squalene is shark liver oil, which was commonly used as a moisturizer in cosmetic products.  Once it was discovered that its use was endangering the shark species, plant based versions came along.  Squalane is a plant-based derivative of of the oil. Animal based or not, squalane gets the job done!  It leaves the skin feeling deeply hydrated, soft and smooth.  Not just smooth, smoove!  You will not want to stop touching your face.  For hydration this deep, I'd normally wait to use until the winter months with drier skin; however, the excessive moisture did not wreak havoc on my oily and sweaty summertime skin.  Bonus!  

Something to note: I've only ever seen these at, and the price point is great at $2.99.
This mask is worth every penny.  And remember, free shipping at $10.
**Note: this is a Taiwanese sheet mask

MediHeal Pinkcalamine Meshpeel Mask

Randy at recently added this item to their Mediheal product line and let me tell you - it will knock you socks clean off!  Let me introduce you to the Pinkcalamine Meshpeel mask.

Yes - pinkcalamine as in calamine lotion. The same pink calamine lotion that your parents dabbed onto all of those worrisome chicken pox back in the day.  For YEARS, calamine lotion has been used to help dry out skin irritation, slow bacterial growth and prevent infections from worsening. Mediheal has combined the calamine formula with a meshpeel mask that is designed to lift impurities and excess oils from the skin and strengthen skin elasticity. There's no need to mix anything or add water.  Starting with the bottom sheet (this mask comes in 2 pieces - a top and bottom sheet), simply peel the protective wrap from one side of the mask , press mask onto face and remove the top protective wrap.  Do the same with the top sheet, making sure to overlap the sheets, leaving no open spaces.  Sit back, relax and let the mask do the hard work!

What's the Catch?

This is not your typical fiber mask.  Meshpeel is designed to deeply penetrate the pores to extract below surface impurities.  As the mask dries, it hardens, absorbing all of the excess sebum, blackheads and dead skin on the epidermis. This process takes nearly 60 minutes.  60 MINUTES! It almost seems as if you're making a papier mache mask.  When the mask is d-r-y, peal away from the skin.  It does leave a pink cast, which easily comes off with a quick rinse.  My skin was rather dry afterward, so I finished up with eye cream and aloe. 

The Verdict?

The pinkcalamine mask is going to be a staple in my K-beauty regimen.  The results from just one use wholly justify the time commitment and cost of the mask itself ($5.00). Baby soft, smooth, oil-free, blemish-free, anger-free skin. You can't beat that!  

I Dew Care's Disco Kitten

The Disco Kitten is all the rage right now!  The stuff has literally been flying off of Ulta's shelves.  They simply cannot keep it in stock. If you haven't heard about it, you're probably living under a rock (or just haven't had a moment for yourself in ages).  But I Dew Care does care and cares in a truly phenomenal way - in the way of an Illuminating Diamond Peel-off Mask, designed to make you, like Rihanna, shine bright like a diamond.

What's it like?

I'm so glad you asked!  This mask reminds me of Elmer's glue.  Did you ever pour it on the back of your hand and watch it dry, ooh-ing and aah-ing as your glue-covered skin turned wrinkly?  Oh stop it!  You know you did this too.  Anyway, same premise, different results.

What does it do?

Pearl Powder gently exfoliates skin to brighten the complexion, while Diamond Powder boosts elasticity and removes impurities to illuminate lackluster skin. Rice Bran Extract delivers vitamins that moisturize and improve skin's texture, while the superfood Oat works as an antioxidant to keep skin healthy and strong. To take this mask another level higher, a White complex of Lily, Jasmine, Orange Flower, Elder Flower, and Magnolia replenishes the skin with rich vitamin content so skin is noticeably softer and tone is more even.

I use my silicone mask brush to paint the product on, making sure I apply a somewhat thick and even layer.  I say "somewhat thick " because the line between too much and too little product is very thin (that was punny).  Too little product and you have a difficult time peeling it off in one piece.  Too much product and you're waiting forever for your face to dry.  Anyway, allow product to dry, approximately 20-30 minutes and peel off. Voila!

What I love about this product

There are a number of peel-off masks out there that harden into a rubber type substance and when you go to peel the product off, half of your skin goes with it.  They leave the skin red and burning, often causing additional irritation.  Not this mask! Disco Kitten gently lifts off of the skin, no pain involved.  And it's effect is immediate!  LUMINOUS skin! My face was resplendent y'all!  Who knew that one simple product could give you the coveted pregnancy glow without  all of the hoopla that goes with a pregnancy???  In my "totally-done-with-having-babies-but-don't-want-my-skin-to-look-it" stage of life, that's fantastic!  

That's it for now.  I hope you have enjoyed this post and will give some of these products a try.  Please stay tuned for my next posts, where we will begin a series of case studies. We'll put K-beauty products to the test on various skin types and personalities. You won't want to miss it!


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