Who Are You?

Who Am I?

First things first.....

My name is Rashida.  I'm nobody special.  Just your everyday wife/Stay-At-Home (part-time) Mom/engineer/shoe fetishist/sew-sister/shopper/Star Wars & Marvel enthusiast.....basically I'm every woman.  I have an amazing hubby, 2 gorgeous kiddos, and I live in (or rather on the outskirts of) the great city of Chicago.  And by the way, in case you hadn't noticed.....

I'm black.

No...seriously...I am!

But we'll get back to this.

I would consider myself a very passionate person.  When I love something, I love it HARD! My family is my world!  I believe red wine and bourbon are the nectar of the gods!  Did I mention my shoe fetish?  I am mad serous about my entertainment.  Star Wars and Marvel Comics FOREVER! Erotic and Historical fiction novels are my jam!  And I adore cartoons, sci-fi movies and Asian Cinema - Martial Arts and Film Noir (I love you Tony Leung Chiu-wai!!).

What led you to K-Beauty?

Let me tell you a (rather long) story.....

There was a young lady that was sick and tired of fussing and fighting with her epidirmus!  Back in the day, it was an oily mess, riddled with acne and blemishes.  Oxy was about the only over-the-counter product back then, and it did not work well.  Trips to the dermatologist weren't any better.  She suffered tears following painful extractions, and the topical medications that were prescribed were harsh and caused breakouts (isn't that what we're working to get rid of?).  Oral medications worked better on the skin, but the side effects were horrific.

A few years later, the young lady would come to discover a fabulous team of doctors that had developed a new product call Proactiv!

After just a few short months, the young lady's skin cleared, and she thanked the Lord because her prayers had been answered - she finally had the beautiful skin she'd always desired.

Years later, the lady became pregnant with her first child, and her pregnancy hormones told Proactiv to suck it!  Her skin became worse than ever, leaving her helpless to try every product in the land to cure her.

And when I say every product, I mean EVERY PRODUCT!

Does this sound familiar?  This is my story.  At this point I was extremely frustrated, not only with the lack of results, but also with the amount of money required to spend to get a lack of results!  $20+ for a cleanser, $40+ for an eye cream - and it doesn't even work?  I just couldn't do it anymore.

In January of 2016, an ad for 'ipsy' graced my Facebook page.
A subscription service that gets you 5 cosmetic/skincare/hair samples every month for $10/month?  Well that sounds just dandy.  I will take that offer, please and thank you!  One month, I received a sheet mask.  What on God's green earth is a sheet mask?  Completely out of my element, I did what I do best...RESEARCH!  To make a long story short (too late), that is how I happened on Korean Skincare.

I'm Enthralled!  What Happened?

In my research, I discovered that a sheet mask is just one small step in a 10-step Korean Skincare Regimen.  Well, if this is only 1 step, what are the other 9 steps?  I dug deeper and deeper, feeling like Alice falling through the rabbit hole, and you know what?  At the bottom of that hole, I found hope!  Maybe, just maybe, with the help of my Korean sisters, I could get my skin back on track!

I am here to share with you what I have discovered about K-Beauty.  I'm going share my new philosophy on healing my skin.  You will explore the 10-step regimen with me and discover why I'm enthusiastic about these amazing products that have made me a firm believer in Korean Skincare methods and practices.  Then you, my grasshoppers, will take what you have learned and try it for yourself, sharing with me your experiences.  

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